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The Samsara Foundation has been established in 2001 with the objective to give all hill tribe children in the poorest province of Thailand Mae Hong Son a chance to attend and finish Basic Education.

The foundation will dissolve itself in 2016 as Samsara achieved its goal. Thanks to all the facilities Samsara realised at 204 mountain schools all children can go to school.



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Getting children to school
Hill tribe children often could not go to school due to the fact that their schools are more than a 2-hour walk from their villages. Public transport is not available in the mountains. By buildings facilities as dormitories for students, canteens, toilet buildings and clean water installations students can stay during the week or even a semester at the schools. The schools never had sufficient amounts of teachers.  By buildings also boarding facilities for them at the schools this is not longer a real problem.

What Samsara in 13 years has realised at 204 schools:

(Beside these 204 schools Samsara also built at 90 other very remote schools solar energy projects to create electricity at those small schools.)
*   80 dormitories for students
* 108 dormitories for teachers
* 104 canteens
*     6 school libraries
*   91 toilet buildings
* 100 small constructions such as kitchens
*   87 water storage tanks
*   60 small clean water installations
* 170 large clean water installations
*   25 spaces to wash and dry clothes
*   90 solar energy electricity projects
* 800 students received a scholarship for 3 years.
* All buildings were delivered including all necessary furniture such as tables, bunk beds and matrasses
* Samsara delivered besides furniture for 100 existing buildings.
All these facilities are built by volunteers, de parents of the students in cooperation with the concierges and the teachers at the schools. Volunteers also did the monitoring of the projects. That is why 95% of the donations were directly spent on the projects. The fundraising was done worldwide.
In total Samsara fundraised 170 million Thai baht that is approximately
4 million euro and 5 million dollars. Samsara would like to thank all sponsors and all volunteers for all their support during all those years. They made it possible that the children in Mae Hong Son Province now and in future can attend Basic Education and more and more of them even go now to higher education.
Samsara has achieved its goal!


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